Tattoo hygiene and aftercare at Pitbull Tattoo Phuket


Most Tattooists normally have three or more machines. After use, they are cleaned down with a sanitizer.


We use western imported needles. All needles are new and disposed of after use.


After each tattoo, the artists work tables are desinfected with a sanitizer. Everything is covered with plastic wrap before a new tattoo.


Every client gets their own pot of ink and all used pots and left over inks are disposed after each tattoo.


Gloves are very important in a tattoo studio. Here we use two types of gloves: Nitrile for tattooing and latex for cleaning and serilization.


Here at Pitbull Tattoo Studio we have all the necessary hygiene. Each tattoo is carried out following the correct hygienic procedures. A tattoo, therefore, shouldn’t have any adverse reaction or infection due to the manner in which it was carried out. After finishing a tattoo the receptionist will give an instruction procedure about the tattoo care needed to the client, written in english language.

Avoid contact with:

  • Chlorine (swimming pool)
  • Seawater
  • Sun

We may advise you to use our imported aftercare cream.

Not taking good care of a new tattoo during the healing period may lead to an infection and or it’s degradation. The best advice is from a professional and not from the mates. We recommend also that the clients follow our instructions rather than those of other studios.


Wash the tattoo at least three times a day with antibacterial soap and water. Pat it dry. After two days tattoo is done. With clean hands apply our aftercare cream. Make sure to massage it right into the tattoo until it is completely absorbed. Do not leave a cap of cream on the tattoo as this can cause infection. Continue with this treatment until all of the dead skin peels off by itself.


  • Do not scratch the scabs
  • Do not put any alcohol, cologne etc…
  • Do not put gauze
  • Keep the tattoo as clean as possible at all time


Unfortunately not everybody can get a tattoo. That might be the case with illnesses such as heamafilia and most skin diseases. It’s best to advise on illnesses such as diabetes, epilepsy, and allergies, to make sure that it is in fact possible. If scars can be tattooed depends on many different factors. The best thing to do in any case is to just ask, as we really have to see and talk to the client first.