Pitbull Tattoo Phuket Warrior “Brandon”

Brandon is an Australian guy, 20ish years old. He came to our Tattoo Studio, to get a lot of ink on his head… Japanese style.

All was made free hand and tattooed by Tony, our specialist for freehand tattoo design and Japanese tattoo work.

On his first session, Brandon got the head’s right side tattooed with a dragon face in Japanese Style.

He did love his first tattoo very much, then decided to come back to do the second session of his head’s left side with another dragon face in Japanese style.

But the “Tattoo-addict” mind took over and nothing could stop Brendon to come back again for getting a tattoo on the back of his head… This time he choose a Oni Japanese Mask.

japanese head tattoo phuket

Tattooed freehand! Brandon loved it and appreciated to get inked.

japanese head tattoo phuket
Three sessions of head color tattoo.

Brandon is a Pitbull Tattoo “Warrior”

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