Pitbull Tattoo Phuket Warrior “Mike”

Mike is an Australian guy, 27 years old living in Belgium. He came several times to visit our tattoo studio in Patong.

Mike as a regular customer who trusts only Pitbull Tattoo Phuket to get inked. He doesn’t hesitate to make trips often to Thailand, to visit us!

The first time he came to see us, it was two years ago, for a full arm sleeve black and grey. Then he came again a second time for a full arm sleeve Japanese style. And this time instead, he came to make a masterful piece… FULL BACK, FULL LEG, AND BUTT in Japanese style.

Masterpiece started by freehand drawing on his own skin made by our artist Tony and he spent more than one hour to design it… OUTLINES DONE.

The first session was followed by 6 more sessions before the whole tattoo work was done.

“The harder part was my bottom”, Mike told us at the end of the session. But that didn’t stop him to go ahead till all tattoo work was completely done…

OUAHHH, Once finish the outlines by Tony, Mike had all his body part filled in black ink before starting to use colors. It took three days to complete every single part of his back, then he did a break for five days before carrying on this massive artwork.

japanese tattoo body suite phuket

He was missing the needle so much during his break so he was looking forward to coming back again to complete his body suit… After two days, he was again with us.

Monday 6th August, Mike was back, stronger and determined and ask to get a second artist to make his tattoo finish… Ton joins Tony then together they get ready to make this fantastic masterpiece complete.

2 tattooist 1 guy phuket

7 sessions, 8 hours each day, made Mike to become a “Warrior” of Pitbull Tattoo Studio. Strong on his mind he is a definitely another member of our Big Tattoo Family.

japanesetattoo body suite phuket

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