About Pitbull Tattoo Phuket and our studio

There are plenty of things to do when in Thailand. But why not make your trip even more amazing and take home some customized ink from the renowned studio called Pitbull Tattoo Phuket.

Founded in April 2013 by two Italian brothers Dario and Danilo who have been living in Thailand since 2006. Their passion for tattoos became so strong they decided to turn it into what is now Pitbull Tattoo international studio. The best place to get inked in Phuket.

People from all across the globe come to visit this popular island and get tattoos during their stay. Pitbull Tattoo has created a trustable reputation over the years.
Thanks to our carefully selected Thai artists, the commitment of our western management and loyalty of our assistant team.

Because we strongly believe that customer care is just as important as a new tattoo. For this reason, this is why we have so many returning customers and get referred to friends and family.