Pitbull Tattoo Phuket Warriors

“Benny” – Tattooed Warrior profile image

“Benny” – Tattooed Warrior

Benny, Australian guy from Sydney, 35 years old, choose to get tattooed as a Warrior at Pitbull Tattoo Phuket.

He contacted us by Facebook and made a booking online. He had only 2 days to do a full arm sleeve + half chest in Realistic Black and Grey. We did it so easy in the warrior way! 2 artists at the same time on his arm!

He started the outer arm on the first day, then fill up the inner arm and chest the second day. The work was completely done in 2 days!

2 sessions, 2 tattooists, 1 arm.

Benny is our new “Warriors Tattooed” that proudly joined the Pitbull Tattoo Family!

“Anthony” – Tattooed Warrior profile image

“Anthony” – Tattooed Warrior

Anthony, an Australian guy in his thirties was looking to get some ink done in Phuket.

He searched on google for the best tattoo shops and saw our work. His friend also recommended this place and got some ink as well.

Anthony got black and grey realistic “Rat Fink” on one arm, and on the other Chicano style.

He was a tough guy, smiling the whole time and he completed this two arm sleeves in three sessions.

Welcome to our warrior family Anthony! You earned your spot here.

“Conan” – Tattooed Warrior profile image

“Conan” – Tattooed Warrior

Conan our newest warrior! Only 21 this Australian guy found us by looking on Instagram and searching up hashtags and saw that we were the first to pop up.

He saw our worked and instantly wanted to book. He got one side which was horror theme and the other side was Celtic Viking.

The first session Conan had no problem, but when it came down to the end it was extremely painful.
But he pushed through and finished it all within two sessions.

Only the strong survive here at Pitbull Tattoo! Welcome Conan to our warrior family!

“Aziz” – Tattooed Warrior profile image

“Aziz” – Tattooed Warrior

Our new “Warrior”, a young Australian guy from Melbourne, 23 years old. Aziz discovered us by surfing on Facebook… He started to follow our page, then contact us… The feeling was great and Aziz goes straight to the point: 2 full arm sleeves in Black & Grey style… 1 Chicano and 1 American native.

Everything by 2 artists at the same time! In only 2 sessions!!!

Aziz was strong enough to get inked for 10 hours a day. ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE!!! That was very painful on the last hour before the final result… But the pain was worth it:

2 full arm sleeves done in 2 sessions by 2 award-winning artists in realism…

Aziz is our younger Warrior! Welcome to Pitbull Tattoo Family!

“Ally” – Tattooed Warrior profile image

“Ally” – Tattooed Warrior

Ally, an Australian woman, 30ish years old, came as a walk-in customer. She had a very good feeling and loved the vibe at Pitbull Tattoo Studio. So she decided to go ahead for 2 full arm sleeves: One in color, and the other one in realistic black and grey.

Ally is the first brave woman proudly had two full arm sleeves made by two artists at the same time!!! Congratulations!

Our cat’s lover was very peaceful… She should be in pain but did not show it. She impressed all the staff here at Pitbull Tattoo Phuket!

After only two full day sessions, both sleeves were done.

Ally our first “Warrior Woman” proudly joined the Pitbull Tattoo Family!

“Mike” is back – Tattooed Warrior profile image

“Mike” is back – Tattooed Warrior

After a few weeks being out of Thailand, Mike felt to want more ink… Right this time on his front body, so he decided to fly back to Phuket again to finish his body tattoo suite.

He made front body tattoo following the Japanese tattoo he had on his own back… now he got the same style exactly like a famous Yakuza Member ???.

Well … the first session was starting with two hours freehand work on Mike’s skin. The design was made by Tony, the specialist in the house for freehand and Japanese tattoos.

Having tattoos on that body part it is very hard because it is very sensitive, and you need to be very strong like Mike to survive it?!

Mike had it in 8 hours on his first tattoo sitting day… very strong!

Another day and another session. Mike is back in the studio early to start filling one side on his own body front. You should see how strong Mike was on this day, getting ink on his skin hours by hours …☄☄☄

End of the day done with Amazing results. He is ready for the second side… ⚡⚡⚡⚡

Two days later, determined, Mike came back to get done the rest of his own body were was missing INK ✍??

All day on the tattoo bed, slowly the MASTERPIECE starts to show how wonderful it will be.

10 hours later, the night is coming in Patong and Mike stand up finally with all his masterpiece front body was complete.

We never saw a guy so strong. In between two months, he had a full back, full bottom, full leg and full front all in Japanese Style!

We are proud of this Warrior and we waiting to see you again Mike to make the rest of your covered with ink … ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE

“Peter” – Tattooed Warrior profile image

“Peter” – Tattooed Warrior

Peter from Australia, Victoria, 31 years old. He comes to the Best Tattoo Studio in Phuket by his friend’s recommendation. He wants a Realistic full leg sleeve artwork and also a tattoo remake on his two upper arms and stomach tattoo as well…

He started a full leg sleeve Tattoo by our artist Ton. Everything ended very well. Peter, a smiling strong guy, had without feeling any pain a masterpiece done in two tattoo sessions…

After seeing the amazing job made by our Award-winning Thai Artist Ton… Peter decided to remake his uppers arm Tattoo… Both uppers arms have been done in one session… ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE

Once he had both upper arms done… Ink addiction starting to get over… He had also Tattoo on his stomach… NO PROBLEM Ton did it with passion and dedication… JOB DONE!!!

Peter is now another of our Warrior Team. Join the Pitbull Family!!!

“Mike” – Tattooed Warrior profile image

“Mike” – Tattooed Warrior

Mike is an Australian guy, 27 years old living in Belgium. He came several times to visit our tattoo studio in Patong.

Mike as a regular customer who trusts only Pitbull Tattoo Phuket to get inked. He doesn’t hesitate to make trips often to Thailand, to visit us!

The first time he came to see us, it was two years ago, for a full arm sleeve black and grey. Then he came again a second time for a full arm sleeve Japanese style. And this time instead, he came to make a masterful piece… FULL BACK, FULL LEG, AND BUTT in Japanese style.

Masterpiece started by freehand drawing on his own skin made by our artist Tony and he spent more than one hour to design it… OUTLINES DONE.

The first session was followed by 6 more sessions before the whole tattoo work was done.

“The harder part was my bottom”, Mike told us at the end of the session. But that didn’t stop him to go ahead till all tattoo work was completely done…

OUAHHH, Once finish the outlines by Tony, Mike had all his body part filled in black ink before starting to use colors. It took three days to complete every single part of his back, then he did a break for five days before carrying on this massive artwork.

He was missing the needle so much during his break so he was looking forward to coming back again to complete his body suit… After two days, he was again with us.

Monday 6th August, Mike was back, stronger and determined and ask to get a second artist to make his tattoo finish… Ton joins Tony then together they get ready to make this fantastic masterpiece complete.

7 sessions, 8 hours each day, made Mike to become a “Warrior” of Pitbull Tattoo Studio. Strong on his mind he is a definitely another member of our Big Tattoo Family.

“Brandon” – Tattooed Warrior profile image

“Brandon” – Tattooed Warrior

Brandon is an Australian guy, 20ish years old. He came to our Tattoo Studio, to get a lot of ink on his head… Japanese style.

All was made free hand and tattooed by Tony, our specialist for freehand tattoo design and Japanese tattoo work.

On his first session, Brandon got the head’s right side tattooed with a dragon face in Japanese Style.

He did love his first tattoo very much, then decided to come back to do the second session of his head’s left side with another dragon face in Japanese style.

But the “Tattoo-addict” mind took over and nothing could stop Brendon to come back again for getting a tattoo on the back of his head… This time he choose a Oni Japanese Mask.

Tattooed freehand! Brandon loved it and appreciated to get inked.

“Jason” – Tattooed Warrior profile image

“Jason” – Tattooed Warrior

Jason from Australia, Melbourne, he came to Pitbull Tattoo by recommendation of his friend who did a tattoo with us.

He came to our Tattoo Studio in Phuket for a full sleeve tattoo, Chicanos realistic style, on both legs. Made by two artists Ton and Tony at the same time.

The two artists started to tattoo the lower part of Jason’s leg. One artist on each one!

This Warrior was very peaceful. Reading books… while getting tattooed!

The following sessions, the two tattooists moved upwards on both legs to finish the tattoo work masterpiece.

Jason had his job all done in three sessions. This happy and proud customer is now a “Warrior” and joined our Pitbull Tattoo Family. He said at the end of his session, he will be back to complete his bodysuit!

“Eglor” – Tattooed Warrior profile image

“Eglor” – Tattooed Warrior

Eglor, Russian man, 30ish years old came as a walk-in customer to Pitbull Tattoo Phuket, Bangla road, and he had a 2 full arm sleeve Realistic Black and Grey Style.

He didn’t have any ideas about what kind of tattoo he wants. Once he was here in our Studio and saw our tattoo work and talked to our supervisors as well, then he decided to get ink in our studio… The 2 full arm sleeves deal was done…

He started each upper arm with two artists on the same time.

This guy was very funny and his jokes made all our staff and the customers in the studio laugh.

The second session was the big session, 8 hours of tattooing each arm always made by 2 artists at the same time.

The third session was some touch-up, painless and cool for finish this 2 arm sleeve tattoo.

3 sessions, 2 tattooists, 1 on each arm.

Eglor is one of our “Warriors” that proudly joined the Pitbull Tattoo Family!