Cover Up Tattoo Specialization

In fact, not every tattoo artist can do a tattoo cover up. Cover up tattoo is a technique that requires expertise and a highly-skilled tattoo specialist. At Pitbull Tattoo Phuket, we understand just how it is to have the tattoo that you wish to be covered; so we have the cover up tattoo specialist in-house and let us say that we can provide the tattoo service for most, if not all, tattoos styles.

We have done numerous impossible cover up tattoos for our clients. The type that they believed is not feasible or they had been rejected from other tattoo studios. And that is the reason many of them flew to us in Phuket because we can, and we do it beyond their expectation.

Our tattoo artists perform a special cover up tattoo technique that will not only make your old tattoo invisible and unrecognizable but also the new covered tattoo will last a lifetime. So, say goodbye to your old tattoo at our tattoo studio.