Freehand Tattoo Specialization

The original hand drawn technique that allows you to have full customization for your unique tattoo design. Our talented tattoo specialists can bring your ideas into reality with only a couple of pens. This is the best way to really have a tattoo of your own design.

Freehand Tattoo Specialist

This tattoo technique relies on the tattoo specializes' ability to create an amazing piece of art. It's the foundation of arts as not many tattoo artists todays are proficient at the freehand technique, also just a few fine artists can do tattoo.

Our Freehand Tattoo Specialists are capable of amazing Japanese, Maori, Tribal, and Biomechanics tattoo styles drawn by hand the way you imagine to have it. You will be working with our tattoo artist while the artist is drawing your imagination on your body with a pen, and proceed to the tattooing.