Pitbull Tattoo Phuket Warrior “Eglor”

Eglor, Russian man, 30ish years old came as a walk-in customer to Pitbull Tattoo Phuket, Bangla road, and he had a 2 full arm sleeve Realistic Black and Grey Style.

He didn’t have any ideas about what kind of tattoo he wants. Once he was here in our Studio and saw our tattoo work and talked to our supervisors as well, then he decided to get ink in our studio… The 2 full arm sleeves deal was done…

He started each upper arm with two artists on the same time.

This guy was very funny and his jokes made all our staff and the customers in the studio laugh.

2 tattoo artist 1 guy

The second session was the big session, 8 hours of tattooing each arm always made by 2 artists at the same time.

The third session was some touch-up, painless and cool for finish this 2 arm sleeve tattoo.

3 sessions, 2 tattooists, 1 on each arm.

double full arm sleeve black grey realistic tattoo phuket

Eglor is one of our “Warriors” that proudly joined the Pitbull Tattoo Family!

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