Pitbull Tattoo Phuket Warrior “Peter”

Peter from Australia, Victoria, 31 years old. He comes to the Best Tattoo Studio in Phuket by his friend’s recommendation. He wants a Realistic full leg sleeve artwork and also a tattoo remake on his two upper arms and stomach tattoo as well…

He started a full leg sleeve Tattoo by our artist Ton. Everything ended very well. Peter, a smiling strong guy, had without feeling any pain a masterpiece done in two tattoo sessions…

full leg sleeve black grey realistic

After seeing the amazing job made by our Award-winning Thai Artist Ton… Peter decided to remake his uppers arm Tattoo… Both uppers arms have been done in one session… ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE

tattoo remake arm phuket

Once he had both upper arms done… Ink addiction starting to get over… He had also Tattoo on his stomach… NO PROBLEM Ton did it with passion and dedication… JOB DONE!!!

tattooed guy phuket

Peter is now another of our Warrior Team. Join the Pitbull Family!!!

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