Pitbull Tattoo Warrior “Mike” is back…

After a few weeks being out of Thailand, Mike felt to want more ink… Right this time on his front body, so he decided to fly back to Phuket again to finish his body tattoo suite.

He made front body tattoo following the Japanese tattoo he had on his own back… now he got the same style exactly like a famous Yakuza Member ???.

Well … the first session was starting with two hours freehand work on Mike’s skin. The design was made by Tony, the specialist in the house for freehand and japanese tattoos.

japanese tattoo body suite phuket
Time to begin the outline

Having tattoos on that body part it is very hard because it is very sensitive, and you need to be very strong like Mike to survive it?!

Mike had it in 8 hours on his first tattoo sitting day… very strong!

Another day and another session. Mike is back in the studio early to start filling one side on his own body front. You should see how strong Mike was on this day, getting ink on his skin hours by hours …☄☄☄

End of the day done with Amazing results. He is ready for the second side… ⚡⚡⚡⚡

Two days later, determined, Mike came back to get done the rest of his own body were was missing INK ✍??

All day on the tattoo bed, slowly the MASTERPIECE starts to show how wonderful it will be.

10 hours later, the night is coming in Patong and Mike stand up finally with all his masterpiece front body was complete.

japanese tattoo body suite phuket

We never saw a guy so strong. In between two months, he had a full back, full bottom, full leg and full front all in Japanese Style!

We are proud of this Warrior and we waiting to see you again Mike to make the rest of your covered with ink … ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE

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